ibrahim mansour

ibrahim mansour
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الثلاثاء، 4 يناير 2011

another story

The Painful Soccer Accident That Changed My Sex Life Forever!
I had been working in the editorial room of the film “Men In Black II” for almost a year. I was traveling with the crew back and forth from New York to Los Angeles. We were overshadowed with a very limited time-frame to finish the heavy editing workload. This didn't allow for any active lifestyle and put us all into poor physical health.
When I got back to town and started playing soccer with my team again, I broke my leg within minutes of the first game. Three defenders landed on top of me tearing all the ligaments in my foot, fracturing the bone above my ankle. I had never broken anything in my life, I did not feel out of shape, but I was. This Injury Started My Own Personal Sexual Revolution...so much for making love that night. I was laid up in bed for months and it was extremely uncomfortable having to wear this 40lb plaster cast from hip-to-heel.
Sex was practically impossible. Even sleeping was incredibly uncomfortable. I found that my leg would fall off the bed in the middle of the night and my groin muscles would work overtime to hold the leg and cast off the floor while I was sleeping. I lay around in bed looking for comfortable positions to relax in. I could never find that secure position. I thought if there was a way to ‘lift’ my leg off the bed, (even just a small amount) it would be incredibly beneficial.
I hobbled down to the local medical supply store to purchase some sort of sling for my leg. I left empty-handed... annoyed that nobody had invented what I needed: a simple to use, easy to setup-at-home, bedroom device to keep my leg comfortably elevated. An Idea… A Blow Torch…. And The Most Spectacular Sex Of My Life
I called up my brother and told him to come over. We grabbed a blowtorch and went to work, creating my own personal traction device. A few days later, we emerged with a makeshift “sling” for my leg. I tested it out that night and slept like a baby. But The Very Next Night…Something Amazing Happened…
After some awkward foreplay, (trying to be sexy, suave and romantic with a 40 lb plaster cast on your leg is like trying to tap-dance with cement shoes on), my girlfriend finally cracked. “Here”, she said, “Let’s try this”. With that said, she laid back on the swing of my homemade traction device and I slipped inside of her. From that moment on… my sex life had changed forever. As soon as we started making love, she started making sounds I’d never heard before. I’m not talking about your usual “oohs” and “ahhs”. I’d been hearing those noises for years. The noises she was making now were much more animalistic and guttural. The kind of noises you can only make unwittingly.
I had awakened the sexual tigress within her. We made love for hours that night. She climaxed over and over again, trembling with each body-melting orgasm. After our amazing marathon was over, I asked her… ‘What Made The Difference?” She honestly didn’t know, but after several more rounds together, we figured it out. The traction device had elevated her pelvis to the perfect angle for me to stimulate her clitoris.
We had accidentally stumbled upon a more comfortable way to have sex... a much better way to have sex. Instead of awkwardly straining my head, neck, hands and hips trying to stimulate my girlfriend’s clitoris, I’d discovered a simple way to position our bodies and stimulate her clitoris and g-spot easily and comfortably. My head was swimming with the possibilities.
This new discovery meant that… Even An Out-Of-Shape, Inflexible Virgin Could Automatically Stimulate Any Woman’s G-spot And Unleash A Wave Of Shuddering Orgasms A few weeks later, my cast was removed and I once again had two working legs. But my “homemade traction” device never left the bedroom. The sex was just too damn good. Besides, if I had tried to remove the traction device my girlfriend would have killed me.
My girlfriend told her best friend about my little creation… and the news spread like wildfire. It wasn’t long before I was receiving more and more requests for my invention… which I had dubbed “The Bonk’er”. What's In A Name... A Little Bonk History... I was born in England, London to be precise, to an English father and an American mother. When I was ten, after having my formal schooling in the British education system, I moved with my family to New England. Bonk, is not a usual term in the states, but it does reflect a certain humor in the British colonies (Australia, New Zealand, etc...). So to use Bonk is my nod to my heritage since I still have family in England. To popularize the humorous term in the states I added the 'ER (for her) as an homage to women, to show that this was designed and developed initially for her pleasure. I have since designed another product initially designed for him, The Bonk'im. Continuing with that line of thinking and sexy fun, I named my brand of toys Bonkum, UM was Latin for WE BONK, and of course called the website Bonkum.com.

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