ibrahim mansour

ibrahim mansour
Jerusalem in my heart forever ...

الاثنين، 21 مارس 2011

Would you rather take a picture or have your picture taken?

I love to take pictures. I'm always behind the camera, so almost all of my pictures are without me in them. The few pictures I have of myself are ok but I don't like or dislike them. I have a few family photos online; there's a link in my profile, but they're mostly just pictures snapped on the go. I also take professional pictures of friends who are willing to model. By the way, film is better.

I love to take pictures because it captures a moment in time. I especially love shooting my children because there are so many little moments that I can remember from looking at pictures that I otherwise might have forgotten. What people take pictures of also shows you how they look at the world and what they consider important.

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