ibrahim mansour

ibrahim mansour
Jerusalem in my heart forever ...

السبت، 29 يناير 2011


As we face and heal our fears rather than suppressing or denying them, we discover that they hide our natural state - that of love , spirit and pure positive energy. As we strip away the pain , guilt and fear .
we are left with the beauty of our essence -full of creativity, abundance and joy.
we usually experience these emotional responeses sequentially , they appear as layers in our reaction to people and events in our lives. our negative emotions can be understood as our defense mechanism to avoid feeling pain, guilt and fear , that usually originates in our childhood , if we want to gain more emotional awareness and maturity we need to work down through our emotional layers and heal or our insecurities and fears. by understanding the layers nature of emotions we begin to understand why we have certain thoughts and feelings and also understand the people around us better . understand the people around us better . intimately we can let go of all the negative emotions and bring more love into our lives and improve our relationships and romantic experiences !

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