ibrahim mansour

ibrahim mansour
Jerusalem in my heart forever ...

الاثنين، 31 يناير 2011

What did you dream about last night?

I had one amazing dream. One. I'm with a certain someone, who will not be named, at a beautiful park, and there is lots of people, and dogs around, but none very near to us. We are sitting under a big tree with so many leaves, and the grass under us is so green. He looks at me and smiles and I smile back, and we're both just.... happy. Content. We are talking, and it's easy, we aren't talking about anything important, we aren't nervous or stressed. Mostly it is him talking,not so much me, because i love to hear what he's saying, and his voice is so soft and sweet and calming.And eventually i lay my head against him and close my eyes.Then i wake up.

What is odd is that i'm not exactly a big fan of sunny grassy parks with lots of people, never have been. But in that dream, i loved it. uh, ok, long answer....sorry....

love, life , death

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