ibrahim mansour

ibrahim mansour
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السبت، 29 يناير 2011

pre-exam stress

It has always, always been like this. A week or two before the exam confirm cant help to procrastinate, again and again and heh, I can already imagine myself saying 'I wished I have more time' a day before the exam.
SIGHS! buckle up already, Shinny Tang! This semester is crazy; with 6maths and 1 accounting course, I doubt... but I'm going to prove myself wrong, again. I'm definitely going to score.
My objective is to get 2As', 3Bs', 1C and 1D but Dear God, if you think my request is a bit too much then a pass will do. seriously. amitabha.
hmm, I don't think anyone is reading this bloggie, except for the Bloggers eyhs? so it's like I blog for myself to read, haha.. but Jasmine Yap, if you see this, JIAYOU JIAYOU JIAYOU yess!! We can do it aite! hehe, I see you soon!! Xoxo

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