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ibrahim mansour
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If you had to legally change your name, what would you change it to?

If you want to change your name you do not have to change it legally. You can just decide what you would like your name to be and then tell people like your family, friends, employer and co-workers that you would like them to call you by the new name. This is called changing your name by common usage. Once people have begun to call you by that name, you can have your identification changed to your new name; you might need to make an oath stating that people now call you by your new name for some identification changes. Also, you can change your signature to your new name and put your new name on legal documents. Remember that you can not change your name if you are trying to get out of having to pay money back that you owe, or for any other fraudulent reason.You can make an application to change your name under the Change of Name Act if you want to legally change your name. Making a legal name change is the only way to get a new birth certificate with your new name on it. To change your name legally you must be at least 18 years old and you must be a resident of Alberta. You can get an application form to legally change your name by going to any Alberta Registries office. For the location nearest you, check the yellow pages of the phone book under License and Registry Services.You will have to fill out an application and return it to a registry office with the required fees. Fees are collected by your local law enforcement agency to obtain your fingerprints. Fees are also collected by the registry agent for the provincial government name change fee, fingerprint registry fee, and a registry agent service fee. Check with your local law enforcement agency and local registry office for current fee amounts.You can also change your name by completing a deed poll, which is a formal declaration stating that you now want to be called by a new name. Changing your name with a deed poll is not a legal name change but it is more formal than just changing your name with common usage and it may be easier to get new identification issued under your new name if you have prepared a deed poll.

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