ibrahim mansour

ibrahim mansour
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الثلاثاء، 25 يناير 2011

women ................

The beauty of a woman is not measured in what she wears,
As she walks, or what she does ...
The beauty of a woman goes far beyond the imagination of a man
The beauty, the delicacy , claw , and many other qualities make the woman of today
Being independent, while his family aside.
Since every detail as your fingernail painted, hair done, fragrant ...
Woman makes every moment more attractive and wonderful.
Every day the woman has gained many victories,
And important places in society , without
Be rough, tough, but being flexible and determined in their decisions.
Even the rural women, who do not have much access to technology, how to be modern
Without ceasing to be simple.
The woman in the city , often not even for lunch. This always beautiful, and
Prepared an invitation to leave.
Every woman is free as is, there in its intimate, has a dream to get married and have
Children and a family.
Anyway today's woman knows the right amount of attention he must give for each thing .

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