ibrahim mansour

ibrahim mansour
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الخميس، 3 فبراير 2011

What are you most excited about right now?

the fact that i will hopefully b saving 2 pet turtles. i scour craigslist lookin for animals that the owners no longer want or cant take care of so that i can take them in. I have over 50pets atm and when i saw the 2 turtles were being kept in a 10 gallon tank i was heart broken :( their both about 6inches in diamerter (shell that is) and for every ince a single turtle needs 10 gallons so if their 6 inches they need about a 60gallon tank.... for 1 turtle so imagin 2 big turtles in a small thing? hellz no so im hopein to call the person tommorw to c if their still available. it will set me back $35. I got already a turtle that my sisters bf's family no longer wanted due to the high matinece so im hopein to give her company. I have her outside in a 8ft swimmin pool lol with a nice baskin area so she can get natrual sunligh from the hot texas sun with temps over 105 easily.

Well enjoy the rest of ur night and have a great day tommorw :)

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