ibrahim mansour

ibrahim mansour
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الاثنين، 14 فبراير 2011

who is your valentine?

The day of love is approaching and the celebrations have begun! Friends and Lovers alike are ready to express their feelings for each other. The Year of the Rabbit indicates inner growth and personal expansion. Why not take the cue from the Rabbit and send a message of love to yourself. Why not be your own first Valentine?

This year let us “redefi ne” our relationship with ourselves. Spend some time investigating our thoughts and finding inner beauty. Let us know, what we love about ourselves most! We are like a puzzle and you will be surprised, what fun it can be, when you commit to play and solve the biggest puzzle of your life ...Yourself!!

We are organic beings, we are not stagnant. We grow all the time, though unconsciously and in ways that we do not even know. What happens when a seed falls to the ground? It takes root and just starts to grow, it doesn’t die. But had we planted that seed and looked after the sapling, it would have probably grown into a tree that we wanted. The “fate” of a random seed and a “planted” seed is never the same. One just grows and the other grows into a healthy tree.

It is the same with us, human beings. How many seeds are we carrying with us which have been planted unconsciously? Is everything about us consciously chosen by us? We carry thoughts, hurts, pains which are not our own. Today, we can choose to plant ourselves anew with an intent that we grow into fascinating human beings. Let us find out which of our thoughts are ours and which do not belong to us. Let us pledge, that we will plant only “that” in our life which will make us happy and loving.

Life is a friend and it has been with us for as long as we have been alive. It is Life which has let us live experiences. Sometimes, it offers more than we can take and sometimes less than what we want. But it stays with us as a friend, it gives us an identity and it gives us a destination. Life wants us to live and experience the joys it brings. Don’t we also want the same thing?

So, why don’t we get together with life, love it and love ourselves for living it. Life is to be lived and not to be gone through. Often, much time is spent cursing life and its difficulties. This approach can never make us loving or happy. As much as we expect things from life, life wants us to “live” it. Why don’t we “experience life fully with an open heart and mind”? It begins with us!

Today, stand out of yourself, look at yourself and smile. Tell yourself, you love yourself as you are. That from this day you will keep getting better. That, you would love to be perfect, and master yourself, you would want to live like a fully functioning being and you believe you can do that.

This year focus on who you are ...and not what you do. The better the “who”, the better will be the “what”. Look deeper into everything about yourself and your life. You are far bigger and deeper than what is visible on the surface. Your actions, your emotions, your thoughts, your feelings and the faith in your own ability to change the way you live your life is there within you.

Our inner self has to be continuously evolving, that is the only way to grow. We have the same opportunity.
It is available to us every moment but we do not use it. You do not have to be a Victim of Life, you should be the Victor of Life. Let life bring to you anything, if you are aware that it is about your own growth, you will be able to face it with a smile. Your growth will be a process, it will not happen in a day, in months or even years. But if you commit and “plant” yourself today ... water yourself, weed yourself, see enough sunshine ... there is no way you will not turn into a beautiful tree.

Let all of us “plant” ourselves today and not “throw” ourselves to grow in any direction that life takes us, but grow only in the direction we want it to take. You should not be “thrown” around, for you are “invaluable”, to your own self. You can lift yourself, “plant” yourself and enjoy yourselves growing!!! The journey will be fantastic, for you know you are aiming at being a beautiful “tree”, however, much time it takes time.

There is no need to be puzzled anymore. We are simple beings who need to be living with a resolved self. Our part of the “living” would be to know what we want from life. Our part of “happiness” would be when we can truly identify when we are close to what we want. We will feel “love” when we receive what we want. We will be fulfilled and joyful when we feel grateful for what we have received.

Today is the day of Commitment ... Let us commit to change the way we have been living. Let us commit
to our own well being, our life. Let us commit to our own growth as an absolute must for our own happiness.
Let us commit to love and grow ourselves. If you have not yet thought of making your life and living more meaningful, enjoyable and full of love, why not do it in this month of love! Why not make a beginning! With each change, the same life is going to respond in a new way. We need to make the beginning to love ourselves and be your own first Valentine!

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