ibrahim mansour

ibrahim mansour
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الأربعاء، 9 فبراير 2011

Would you quit eating all junk food to live five years longer?

Well that depends on what is considered junk food...People who say they never eat junk food may mean they never eat the basic junk food or the junk that triggered them. My dad for example used to be overweight and there are certain foods that trigger him to eat more (which is donuts) so he hardly ever eats donuts...he hasn't had one in over 7 years. But he still eats cake, ice cream and cookies a couple times a week. Right now he is a normal weight- he exercises daily for a couple hours and eats really healthy but still has junk food. And also people who cut out ice cream, cakes and cookies and donuts completely- prob still have certain sweets they eat. Because truthfully it is almost impossible to avoid "junk food" forever and ever. If you need to loose weight- you want to cut out junk from your diet but still allow yourself to eat it sometimes.
Stick to mainly fruits and veggies and whole grains along w/ fat free dairy and lean proteins (turkey breast, grilled or broiled chicken, salmon, tuna and eggs and soy are all good). as for junk avoid as much as possible- but never deprive yourself.

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