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الخميس، 10 فبراير 2011

Would you rather buy brand name items, or generic brand?

Purchasing generic products instead of brand-named products is an easy way to save money, but many people wonder if generic products are truly as good as their expensive counterparts. There must be a reason behind the increased price of brand-named products, right? Are brand-named products really the same as generic products? Well, the answer has to be a resounding yes followed by a quiet no. In most cases I have found that generic products are every bit as good as brand-named products. The generic versions of staple products, paper goods and medications are almost exactly the same as the brand-named versions once you get their wrappers or packaging off. I’ve mentioned before that we use many of the Target store brands with success. So, why would you ever spend the extra cash?I can’t remember the last time I bought Tylenol rather than a store brand of acetaminophen. Likewise, I always buy store branded toilet paper, flour, and bread. I even buy generic versions of my favorite household cleaners. My theory is that if my family can’t tell the difference between the two products and the generic products works just as well as the brand-named product, I should always purchase the generic product.Occasionally, I do find a product that’s generic version doesn’t quite live up to the quality of its brand-named version. For me, it’s macaroni and cheese. Kraft’s macaroni and cheese is hands-down better than the generic version. I can taste the difference, and so can my kids. Fortunately, Kraft mac and cheese is often on sale for a price that is comparable to the price of generic mac and cheese. I simply stock up on the brand-named version while it’s on sale.

I believe that the best way to use generic products is to buy them when you can’t tell the difference between them and their brand-named counterparts (which is most of the time). Over time the savings you will enjoy by buying generic products will really start to add up. Then, you won’t feel guilty when you decide to splurge on the handful of brand-named products that your family really enjoys.

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